Barney and Friends Cakes

3D Barney And Friends Cake for 1 year old baby.

All figurines are hand moulded.



You Are My Rainbow

Sweet Loving Wife decided to surprise her husband a heart shape rainbow cake on their 3rd year Wedding Anniversary with 7 colors beneath. 


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake designs for kids and teens. Varieties of Mickey & Minnie figurines as cake’s topper.


Prince Birthday Cake

A rose for you… quoted by the Prince.


BooBs Cake

Tease your friends, colleagues with this sexy boobs cake. They will be impressed & shock to receive this cake as a gift!


Angry Birds Cake

If you are searching for the perfect Angry Birds birthday cake or cupcakes? You’ve found the right place!

Search through a variety of Angry Birds cakes and cupcakes that your child will love. This Angry Bird  is the most popular new hit game out there right now and kids are begging to have a birthday party about it! Just about anything … as long it is Angry Bird!


Animal Birthday Cake Design

This cake is specially made for a 1 year old baby. Wait till the rest of the kids sees the colorful animals. What goes 1st usually are the animals rather than the cake! Agree with me? Call 012-284 1103 to find out more on how to hand mould these animals.



Angry Birds

If you are one of many Angry birds fans, you should get or make one of these amazing and creative angry birds cupcakes/cakes for your birthday!



Rainbow Cake For you – Promises of God

The Rainbow has been used as a sign of a new era and a symbol of peace, love, and freedom. Rainbow are beautiful too. A brightly colored rainbow cake is a good choice for birthdays, holidays or any time Each color of the Rainbow represents a characteristic or promise of God.

Rainbow Cake represents happiness. Extraordinary beautiful layers of rainbow colors.

I am so truly in love with this cake! Don’t you?


Animal Figurines For All Occasion

Animal Toppers for Cupcakes

Adorable little figurines for cupcakes & cakes as topper! You will sure put a smile on everyones.


Write  in for details on animal figurines class.

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