Rainbow Cake For you – Promises of God

The Rainbow has been used as a sign of a new era and a symbol of peace, love, and freedom. Rainbow are beautiful too. A brightly colored rainbow cake is a good choice for birthdays, holidays or any time Each color of the Rainbow represents a characteristic or promise of God.

Rainbow Cake represents happiness. Extraordinary beautiful layers of rainbow colors.

I am so truly in love with this cake! Don’t you?


My Collection of RAINBOW CAKE


Colorful 7 layers of rainbow colors sponge cakes stacked in between. You will definitely put a small on the birthday boy/girl’s face!



I need a cake for a special occasion- can you help?

Of course! I love a challenge! Cakes can be created for virtually all occasions. I would first need to discuss your event in detail with you – listen to your wishes and put forward some of the options available. Once you have agreed to a proposal and the budget for the cake design, you will just have to leave it to my imagination and creativity. You won’t be disappointed!

Hush little baby ...

Hush little baby ...

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