Barney and Friends Cakes

3D Barney And Friends Cake for 1 year old baby.

All figurines are hand moulded.



Dinosaur Cake

Inspired by Debbie Brown’s design. Made it for a 6 year’s old boy’s birthday and he loved it so much! 

Buzz Lightyear

I have been commissioned to do Buzz Lightyear as a cake topper. He will be standing high on a asteroid / moon and the planet as the base. In case you do not know who he is.  Buzz Lightyear 
is a character and the main deuteragonist of the Toy Story franchise. Besides that we have toystory cuppies surrounding the main cake.




Angry Birds Cake

This is a must play game for everyone

because Angry Birds is a very addictive world famous game…

There is no Age limit for this game. Everyone can play it. …

Same goes for the choice of Birthday Cake!

Angry Birds Cake for Ben

Special Agent Oso Cake

Special Agent Oso’s Cake

The 3 main characters : Dotti, Oso & Wolfie

Special Agent Oso

Number 1 Cake for One Year Old child

Quack Quack! Rubber Ducky & Candies Lollies to greet your lil’ cutie-pie..


Angry Birds Cake Are Back!


Angry Birds are back by popular requests… every week!

It’s a hit, it’s the hottest and the most request’s cake of the year for as young as 1 year old to adult. 

You Are My Rainbow

Sweet Loving Wife decided to surprise her husband a heart shape rainbow cake on their 3rd year Wedding Anniversary with 7 colors beneath. 


Wiggles Cake

Wiggles Cake
If you are the Wiggles fans out there, get ready to wiggle with Sam, Murray, Jeff, Anthony !Wiggles Cake
Wiggles Cake

Believe it or not, the car is also cake. Apparently both tiers are chocolate mud cake.




Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake designs for kids and teens. Varieties of Mickey & Minnie figurines as cake’s topper.


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