Exotic Cake : Penis





Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party?


One event that every groom and bride look forward to before their Big Day is having a big blowout or just a laid back night with the boys or girls.

Wherever the celebrations are at, Exotic Cakes can fill the room with laughs through our sexually suggestive cakes. These “last night of being single” memories are captured through photos of the groom doing the motorboat on the boob cake and the bride blowing the penis cake.

Have a good day, thank you.

Angrybirds Cake

 The Angrybirds fever is still hot in Malaysia! It is still happening here. Are you also a fan of Angrybirds? 😉

BEN 10 Cake

3D Ben 10 standing cake

Get Connected



This 4 tiers cake were made for Ambank & Kurnia.

 AmG merging with Kurnia

The slogan is ” Get Connected”

Hantaran Cakes



Order your cake toppers now!

Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Surprise your child with a Cute Strawberry Shortcake!

Specially made to order for Adelea’s 4th Birthday

Flavour : Chocolate Moist Cake & ganache with Bitter Sweet Chocolate




Feedback on the cake : “Everybody loved the cake. Adelea had a wonderful Birthday this year!”




Penis Cake


An erotic cake made to order by a gentlemen for his very special girl.

Flavour : Chocolate Moist Cake  & ganache with Bitter Sweet Chocolate

Snooker Cupcakes

Let’s have a game then a bite on the cupcakes!


Angrybird Cupcakes

Angrybirds cupcakes still so so hot in the market.

Many adults and children requested it as  their birthday cake/cupcakes.

They have not gone out of trend.. I doubt it will !

I have been commissioned to do this angry birds cupcakes & the cupcake’s stand according to the theme.

Kids were so so impressed.

Thank you.

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