Barney and Friends Cakes

3D Barney And Friends Cake for 1 year old baby.

All figurines are hand moulded.



Angry Birds Cake Are Back!


Angry Birds are back by popular requests… every week!

It’s a hit, it’s the hottest and the most request’s cake of the year for as young as 1 year old to adult. 

Lets have another look on Boobs Cake

 Tits your friend’s birthday with a pair of boobs cake!

Your friend will surely remember this very special gift for a long long time. *grin*




Animals Cake

Looks like the animal cakes is also a hit these few months. Have been making animal figurines and angry birds every week!

This cake is for 1 year old boy. I believe at this age, they loved anything that is colorful and funny. I hope the baby liked it too.

Here I share with you all.  Thank you.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake designs for kids and teens. Varieties of Mickey & Minnie figurines as cake’s topper.


Animal Birthday Cake Design

This cake is specially made for a 1 year old baby. Wait till the rest of the kids sees the colorful animals. What goes 1st usually are the animals rather than the cake! Agree with me? Call 012-284 1103 to find out more on how to hand mould these animals.



Rainbow Cake For you – Promises of God

The Rainbow has been used as a sign of a new era and a symbol of peace, love, and freedom. Rainbow are beautiful too. A brightly colored rainbow cake is a good choice for birthdays, holidays or any time Each color of the Rainbow represents a characteristic or promise of God.

Rainbow Cake represents happiness. Extraordinary beautiful layers of rainbow colors.

I am so truly in love with this cake! Don’t you?


Animal Figurines For All Occasion

Animal Toppers for Cupcakes

Adorable little figurines for cupcakes & cakes as topper! You will sure put a smile on everyones.


Write  in for details on animal figurines class.

One Year Old Cake

Planning to have the best cake for your child’s 1st birthday? Someday she/he will look back his/she pictures and be proud to have this cake for his/her 1st year birthday.

I still remember what/which cake for my 2 girl’s birthday. You may forget the 2nd , 3rd or 4th birthday cakes but you will never forget the 1st year’s cake.

1 yr old cake2

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