Butt’s Cake


Jazz up the birthday party with a Butt’s Cake! 

You sure will put a big smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face!

butt2Inspired by Debbie Brown, the famous cake decorator in the world.




Penis Cake

Erotic Cake 2 : 18 sx : Penis Cake

Another Erotic Cake for special occasion.

I was commissioned to tailor make this cake for a “yoga teacher” who is leaving the country soon. This design has slightly different compared to the other one that I have made before. This round of customer want “IT” to be standing.

The customer’s feedback:-

“It was a awesome & tastety, they were all impressed! Birthday Boy was shocked & speechless for 3 minutes 🙂 It was so precious to him that he only cut body part of the cake & take the rest home. haha good work!”

Thank you for viewing!




Erotic Cake 1 : 18 sx : Penis Cake

Erotic Cake

Whether the special event is an anniversary, bachelor or bachelorette party, dominatrix or theme party, or birthday celebration, I have all kind of erotic, x-rated, and adult cakes to fulfill your sweetest fantasy.

Erotic Cake

Erotic Cake : 18sx : Penis Cake

No party is complete without a one of a kind, original erotic cake to top off any celebration.

Naughty Cupcakes / Hen’s Night Surprise

Naughty Cupcakes
Naughty Nurse – Naughty Cupcakes

Tit’s Cake

Tease your colleague/friend


compliment your gf/wife how pretty her boobs are with this gorgeous boob’s cake!

Pretty lacy bra for a pair of the perfect boobs!

Hot Big Boobs in Red Lacy Bra

Lets have another look on Boobs Cake

 Tits your friend’s birthday with a pair of boobs cake!

Your friend will surely remember this very special gift for a long long time. *grin*




Tits Your Birthday With A pair of Boobs!

Tits your birthday with a pair of boobs cake! Apparently these cakes were usually made as a teaser! Imagine what kinda expression he/she will have on her face???!!!

These beautiful boobs were Chocolate Mud Cake.

BooBs Cake

Tease your friends, colleagues with this sexy boobs cake. They will be impressed & shock to receive this cake as a gift!


Naughty Cupcakes


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