Spiderman Cake

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

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Louisa LuLu


Cheers everyone!

A girl

Minion Cake

minion2It’s Minion fever now! Are you also a fan of Minion?  Instead of the toy collection, get yourself a Minion Cake!

I hope you like it as much as I do on my latest Minion Cake.

Minion Cake

Minion Cake

Exotic Cake : Penis





Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party?


One event that every groom and bride look forward to before their Big Day is having a big blowout or just a laid back night with the boys or girls.

Wherever the celebrations are at, Exotic Cakes can fill the room with laughs through our sexually suggestive cakes. These “last night of being single” memories are captured through photos of the groom doing the motorboat on the boob cake and the bride blowing the penis cake.

Have a good day, thank you.

Ferrari Car Cake

Surprise your love one with this Ferrari Car Cake on his big day!

He may already own one or dreaming of having one..

Check it out.. my latest sport car!


Tinkerbelle Cake


The doll itself was bought by my customer. Very difficult to find the exact Tinkerbelle doll tho…

Merliah Cake

Merliah Cake was made for a special occasion with conjunction with a mermaid theme birthday party for a 4 years old girl named ” Sasha “

Simple Yet Elegant

 Nice elegant cake for boy friend’s birthday? 🙂

Ferrari California Car Cake

  Ferrari California convertible car cake

Flavour : Vanilla Butter Cake

Hope you like it.

Charlie Brown Cake

I took for granted when a customer called for Charlie’s Cake instead finding out which Charlie she meant. In the end, I was left with 3 hours to repair the cake and be replaced with another Charlie. They called it Charlie & the numbers. I am pleased to hear that the customer loved it. Thanks


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