Mickey Mouse Club House Cake

Celebrating 2 birthdays at the same time? Here is the great idea how you can do it. Fabian just turned 5 and Wai Wai turned 1. All cakes except for the head (black) of the club house. There is a lot of cakes there! The figurines are plastic toys tho. Hope you like it.  Thanks for viewing.mickey club house1

Barney & Friends Cake

Happy Birthday Jerrick!

When I was a kid I watched Barney and friends. When I grow up I watch Barney and friends with my kids!

I even went with my family to the Barney & Friends concert when they were in Malaysia.

Who doesn’t love Barney!!!???

I have cake requests to make Barney & Friends almost every week! haha

Anyway, hope you like it as much as I do too!

Hot Babe

I have been inspired by Debbie Brown’s naughty cakes. They are not completely same as I have to also work on how the customer’s request.

All are completely edible as the couch and the flooring are Vanilla Butter Cake Flavour.

Hope you like it as much as I do. Thank you. 

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