Here is Princess Elsa & Olaf standing tall. Hope you like it!




First Year Birthday


baby bootie 1

Plan  & book ahead your child’s 1st birthday cake.


Little Miss Princess

Little Miss Princess in Carriage

Besides Little Miss Princess in carriage, othercame along Characters such as Mr. Happy, Miss Little Helpful, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Clever, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Magic.

MrMen1 Mrmen2 mrmen5



Searching for Female Minion?

Here she is.

Have a good day!


Minion girl

Butt’s Cake


Jazz up the birthday party with a Butt’s Cake! 

You sure will put a big smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face!

butt2Inspired by Debbie Brown, the famous cake decorator in the world.




Neelofa 24th Birthday Cake by Angeline Stanley

Neelofa 24th Birthday

Neelofa 24th Birthday

I have been given the honour to make a special cake for Neelofa’s 24th Birthday party on 7th February, 2013…which was recently held at Fullhouse, Giza.

These pics were featured in Utusan Malaysia, The Star, Nona and etcs. Thank you.


mystar2 neelofa-utusan1




Ferrari Car Cake

Surprise your love one with this Ferrari Car Cake on his big day!

He may already own one or dreaming of having one..

Check it out.. my latest sport car!


Chiro & Friends Cake

Chiro & Friends Cake


A Doll Cake

A dream come through for a little Princess Britanny who just turned 4!

Plan a Princess Party for your little Angel with a Doll Cake & the little princess cupcakes for friends. She & her friends will be thrilled!



ABC Block Buttercake

I love the simplicity look!

It is rather heavy though as it weighed 4.5kg. I doubt it will look nice for smaller block cake.

Since it is called Giant ABC Block Cake, it has to have the appropriate diameters.

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