Tit’s Cake

Tease your colleague/friend


compliment your gf/wife how pretty her boobs are with this gorgeous boob’s cake!

Pretty lacy bra for a pair of the perfect boobs!

Hot Big Boobs in Red Lacy Bra

Angry Birds Cake Are Back!


Angry Birds are back by popular requests… every week!

It’s a hit, it’s the hottest and the most request’s cake of the year for as young as 1 year old to adult. 

Animals Cake

Looks like the animal cakes is also a hit these few months. Have been making animal figurines and angry birds every week!

This cake is for 1 year old boy. I believe at this age, they loved anything that is colorful and funny. I hope the baby liked it too.

Here I share with you all.  Thank you.

My Collection of RAINBOW CAKE


Colorful 7 layers of rainbow colors sponge cakes stacked in between. You will definitely put a small on the birthday boy/girl’s face!



Adorable miniature cakes

In this class, you will take on the challenge of baking a set of three 6″ butter cakes.  Next comes the challenging bit – decorating them with fondant icing and gumpaste. It may sound difficult, but believe me, it’s so satisying to see the end result. You’ll be amazed by what you can do!
In this class, students made cakes decorated with a cute baby, a stylish bow and a pretty yellow flower.


Miniature cake with bow detail

Miniature cake with bow detail









Detail of fondant icing baby

Detail of fondant icing baby

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