Barney & Friends



Our colourful friends, Barney & Friends!

Barney & Friends cake were made for 2 years old Dylan

Thank you.


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Angry Birds are back again!


Are you or your child also a fan of Angry birds? If so.. this cake is dedicated to you. 🙂

Hope you like it. Thanks for viewing.ab1

Merliah Cake

Merliah Cake was made for a special occasion with conjunction with a mermaid theme birthday party for a 4 years old girl named ” Sasha “

Teddy Bear Cake

Commissioned by Anna for her 1 year old baby’s birthday!

Tigger & Pooh Cake

This cake were made for 1 year old boy.

I was commissioned by Yukie (the mother) to do this cake. She submitted me a sample cake’s picture from

Special thanks to Nesrin Tong as the original design of this cake is from

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake



Mashimaro Cake

 (마시마로) is a Korean fictional character who resembles a fat rabbit, created by Kim Jae In (김재인).

He is also known as Yupki Tokki (엽기토끼, “Bizarre rabbit” in Korean).

I was commissioned by Connie to do this cake design “Mashimaro” for her great friend.

Thank you for loving it.

Optimus Prime Cake



An Optimus Prime cake for The Transformer’s fan.

The 6 year old birthday boy were so thrilled with this cake.

If you are curious who Optimus Prime is..

Optimus Prime is a character from the Transformers franchise. Prime is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of transforming robots from the planet Cybertron.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake 3

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake remains favorite choice for all toddlers. This cake is for 1 year old Zac.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake 2

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake for Wesley who just turned 4.

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