Castle Cake & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

It is hard to decide what theme is best for  Gabrielle especially when she just turned 2 years old.

I suppose this is not too bad idea to combine 2 themes together. What do you think?

Happy Birthday, Gabrielle!castle 1

Butt’s Cake


Jazz up the birthday party with a Butt’s Cake! 

You sure will put a big smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face!

butt2Inspired by Debbie Brown, the famous cake decorator in the world.




Ferrari Car Cake

Surprise your love one with this Ferrari Car Cake on his big day!

He may already own one or dreaming of having one..

Check it out.. my latest sport car!


Chiro & Friends Cake

Chiro & Friends Cake


Penis Cake

Penis Cake


An erotic cake made to order by a gentlemen for his very special girl.

Flavour : Chocolate Moist Cake  & ganache with Bitter Sweet Chocolate

Angry birds Cake for Angrybird’s Fan

 I had only a couple of hours to do this cake. Never had I accepted an order this last minute. Usually I don’t! The mother pleaded as her good friend had turned her down due to some emergency. In the end, I am glad I accepted it as when I saw the boy jumped into joy and excitement when he saw the cake.

This is the expression I yearned for every time a customer receives their cakes from me.

Thank you .







This is another Angry Bird’s geek who just turned 5, Jayson was full of excitement when he cut the cake.

Lovely picture courtesy from Meiling. Thanks.


Other Cakes as pictures below…. ENJOY…..

Angrybirds Cakes for Angrybird’s Fan


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