Barney & Friends

Wooo…hoo… Here we go! A colorful cake to impress all the kiddos!

Barney & Friends at Playground! I just love the combination colors. What about you?

Dinosaur Cake

Inspired by Debbie Brown’s design. Made it for a 6 year’s old boy’s birthday and he loved it so much! 

Angry Birds Cake

This is a must play game for everyone

because Angry Birds is a very addictive world famous game…

There is no Age limit for this game. Everyone can play it. …

Same goes for the choice of Birthday Cake!

Angry Birds Cake for Ben

Special Agent Oso Cake

Special Agent Oso’s Cake

The 3 main characters : Dotti, Oso & Wolfie

Special Agent Oso

Jungle Theme Birthday Cake

Behind every memorable birthday cake for 1 year old toddler, there is always a nice looking colorful cake. Most likely there are animals too. I have made many 1 year old cakes, this is one of the most popular choice!

Hope you like it too!


Animals Cake

Looks like the animal cakes is also a hit these few months. Have been making animal figurines and angry birds every week!

This cake is for 1 year old boy. I believe at this age, they loved anything that is colorful and funny. I hope the baby liked it too.

Here I share with you all.  Thank you.

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