Angry Birds are back again!


Are you or your child also a fan of Angry birds? If so.. this cake is dedicated to you. šŸ™‚

Hope you like it. Thanks for viewing.ab1

Angrybird Cupcakes

Angrybirds cupcakes still so so hot in the market.

Many adults and children requested it as Ā their birthday cake/cupcakes.

They have not gone out of trend.. I doubt it will !

I have been commissioned to do this angry birds cupcakes & the cupcake’s stand according to the theme.

Kids were so so impressed.

Thank you.

Angry birds Cake for Angrybird’s Fan

Ā I had only a couple of hours to do this cake. Never had I accepted an order this last minute. Usually I don’t! The mother pleaded as her good friend had turned her down due to some emergency. In the end, I am glad I accepted it as when I saw the boy jumped into joy and excitement when he saw the cake.

This is the expression I yearned for every time a customer receives their cakes from me.

Thank you .







This is another Angry Bird’s geek who just turned 5, Jayson was full of excitement when he cut the cake.

Lovely picture courtesy from Meiling. Thanks.


Other Cakes as pictures below…. ENJOY…..

Angrybirds Cakes for Angrybird’s Fan


Angry Birds Cake

This is a must play game for everyone

becauseĀ Angry BirdsĀ is a very addictive world famous game…

There isĀ no Age limitĀ for this game. Everyone can play it.Ā …

Same goes for the choice of Birthday Cake!

Angry Birds Cake for Ben

Angry Birds Cake Are Back!


Angry Birds are back by popular requests… every week!

It’s a hit, it’s the hottest and the most request’s cake of the year for as young as 1 year old to adult.Ā 

Angry Birds Cake Playable & Edible

Had tremendous fun preparing this 3 feet long Angry Birds Cake. Not only it is eatable but also playable. Check this out the video I recorded during the cake cutting.

It is a treat for 6 year old child!!

Happy Birthday Kros!

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