Barney & Friends

Wooo…hoo… Here we go! A colorful cake to impress all the kiddos!

Barney & Friends at Playground! I just love the combination colors. What about you?


ABC Block Buttercake

I love the simplicity look!

It is rather heavy though as it weighed 4.5kg. I doubt it will look nice for smaller block cake.

Since it is called Giant ABC Block Cake, it has to have the appropriate diameters.

Easter Cake Celebration

Happy Easter Day Everyone!

This is a Easter Bunny Design and I hope you like it as much as I do. Simple yet cute!

Inside of the cake is Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting.  A delicious cake for all occasions.

Special thanks to Cake Journal for showing how to make this design. I hope everyone will enjoy the link.

Special Agent Oso Cake

Special Agent Oso’s Cake

The 3 main characters : Dotti, Oso & Wolfie

Special Agent Oso

Luxury Watch Cake – Hublot

Creating dream cakes for your very special occasions…a favorite watch of your love ones..


Jungle Theme Birthday Cake

Behind every memorable birthday cake for 1 year old toddler, there is always a nice looking colorful cake. Most likely there are animals too. I have made many 1 year old cakes, this is one of the most popular choice!

Hope you like it too!


Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie Doll Cake for all Princess’s Birthday!

doll cake would be the perfect birthday cake idea for your little princess! What little girl would not completely fall in love with this?


Delicate flower decorations

decorated-cupcakes-588xViolet-cupcake-detail-300wxThese delicately decorated blooms and butterflies make the perfect sweet treat for guests at your wedding, engagement or garden party. There is so much variety in design, that each is almost one of a kind and be designed to match any theme or colour scheme.


Adult theme cupcakes


Chinese New Year cupcakes

Moo Moo Year

Moo Moo Year


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