Sexy Female Torso Cake

This is a beautiful torso cake with a hint of sexiness covered by sexy laced undergarments with nipples spilling over the bra..

It will be the perfect centerpiece at your husbands milestone birthday or Hens Night Parties!


I am Sexy & You Know It!

A body to die for..  This body, I mean this cake is customised for Retirement Party.

Hope you like it!


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Penis Cake 5



penis cake1


Her  future husband is a doctor, an add on of stethoscope on the boxer.

penis cake2





Happy Boob’s Day!


I have to confess something here today… Boobs cake is one of my hot item among all the cakes listed in the gallery.

I suppose this is funny & unique compared to any other cakes. Be it Hen’s night or birthdays..

 I am sure you might want to consider something like this on yr next birthday too? haha.. oh, pls be sure you are over 21 yrs old!

Thanks for viewing !


Pink Bra


T*ts Your Birthday/Hen’s night party with a nice pair of boobs-cake

You will sure put a smile on everyone’s face!

Ferrari California Car Cake

  Ferrari California convertible car cake

Flavour : Vanilla Butter Cake

Hope you like it.

Mashimaro Cake

 (마시마로) is a Korean fictional character who resembles a fat rabbit, created by Kim Jae In (김재인).

He is also known as Yupki Tokki (엽기토끼, “Bizarre rabbit” in Korean).

I was commissioned by Connie to do this cake design “Mashimaro” for her great friend.

Thank you for loving it.

Happy Boobsday’s & Buttsday Cake


Commissioned by one nice lady who gave the boob’s cake as a surprise birthday to her hubby & a butt’s cake to their friend.

The lady replied saying the had a blast! The cake was raped! The guys truly loved the cakes, even the flavour was scrumptious!

That had truly made a decorator’s day isnt it? Awesome.. thanks alot!

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