Special Agent Oso Cake

Special Agent Oso’s Cake

The 3 main characters : Dotti, Oso & Wolfie

Special Agent Oso

Number 1 Cake for One Year Old child

Quack Quack! Rubber Ducky & Candies Lollies to greet your lil’ cutie-pie..


Angry Birds Cake Are Back!


Angry Birds are back by popular requests… every week!

It’s a hit, it’s the hottest and the most request’s cake of the year for as young as 1 year old to adult. 

Wiggles Cake

Wiggles Cake
If you are the Wiggles fans out there, get ready to wiggle with Sam, Murray, Jeff, Anthony !Wiggles Cake
Wiggles Cake

Believe it or not, the car is also cake. Apparently both tiers are chocolate mud cake.




Jungle Theme Birthday Cake

Behind every memorable birthday cake for 1 year old toddler, there is always a nice looking colorful cake. Most likely there are animals too. I have made many 1 year old cakes, this is one of the most popular choice!

Hope you like it too!


Angry Birds Cake Playable & Edible

Had tremendous fun preparing this 3 feet long Angry Birds Cake. Not only it is eatable but also playable. Check this out the video I recorded during the cake cutting.

It is a treat for 6 year old child!!

Happy Birthday Kros!

Animals Cake

Looks like the animal cakes is also a hit these few months. Have been making animal figurines and angry birds every week!

This cake is for 1 year old boy. I believe at this age, they loved anything that is colorful and funny. I hope the baby liked it too.

Here I share with you all.  Thank you.

Smurfs Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

1st attempt on Smurfs!

smurf cake1smurfcake2

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake designs for kids and teens. Varieties of Mickey & Minnie figurines as cake’s topper.


Rubber Ducky Cake

Quack Quack! Do you find us cute? Well, we are made of cakes and we were piped with delicious buttercream. To add on it, we were made/baked for a cute lil’ 1 (one) year old baby boy. Hope he likes it! Quack Quack!


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