The proof is in the pudding!

The proof is in the pudding!

What I like most about Angeline’s cakes is that I can always count on them to not only look wonderful, they taste wonderful too! Right down to the last forkful; I love it when everyone wants seconds!

–  Alice Chong

Knowing Angeline for more than two years now, I have seen her baking during her leisure time and sharing her trial cakes to make it perfect.

I personally like her icing decoration. It’s terrific. She will put all her heart and soul into decorating the cakes in whatever shape you like eg. 2D, 3D or even onto the cupcakes. Talk to her and tell her your theme for the event/party. Even, if you can’t, she will be able to come out with something fantastic for you. The decoration is marvellous. You can also learn from her, she is a good master in this area.    – Gina Lim

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