Her 1st Birthday’s Cake

YanYin is getting 1 soon. She already teething now and starting to walk by herself. She’s always happy and screams a lot, likes to explore very much and jumps up and down non-stop in her baby cot until she’s tired and goes to sleep. Of the many toys she owns, she is very much closer to them. Especially, we find that she likes to flip the pages and looking at the pictures in the storybooks very much and she likes listening to her daddy & mommy read to her too. She likes to hold up in each hand a stacking cup and starts hitting them together to hear the sound of the cups knocking at each other. The standing green aligator/crocodile and the yellow dog are also one of her favourites. She also likes watching and learning from her baby DVD most of the time too.

 The proud parents decided to commission me to make a cake with all her favorite toys beside her. Charming idea!

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