Lick Me?

Customised cake made for special occasionpenis cake1

First Year Birthday


baby bootie 1

Plan  & book ahead your child’s 1st birthday cake.


I am Sexy & You Know It!

A body to die for..  This body, I mean this cake is customised for Retirement Party.

Hope you like it!


3 2


Penis Cake 5



penis cake1


Her  future husband is a doctor, an add on of stethoscope on the boxer.

penis cake2





Penis Cake

What’s hidden beneath? 😉 A bottle of black label! haha.. scroll down to see more..


1 24 5 6 8 11

Happy Boob’s Day!


I have to confess something here today… Boobs cake is one of my hot item among all the cakes listed in the gallery.

I suppose this is funny & unique compared to any other cakes. Be it Hen’s night or birthdays..

 I am sure you might want to consider something like this on yr next birthday too? haha.. oh, pls be sure you are over 21 yrs old!

Thanks for viewing !


Butt’s Cake


Jazz up the birthday party with a Butt’s Cake! 

You sure will put a big smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face!

butt2Inspired by Debbie Brown, the famous cake decorator in the world.




Pink Bra


T*ts Your Birthday/Hen’s night party with a nice pair of boobs-cake

You will sure put a smile on everyone’s face!

Exotic Cake : Penis





Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party?


One event that every groom and bride look forward to before their Big Day is having a big blowout or just a laid back night with the boys or girls.

Wherever the celebrations are at, Exotic Cakes can fill the room with laughs through our sexually suggestive cakes. These “last night of being single” memories are captured through photos of the groom doing the motorboat on the boob cake and the bride blowing the penis cake.

Have a good day, thank you.

Penis Cake

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