Gingerbread Man Cookies


Are you ready for the festive season? Christmas is around the corner… kids are so excited. X’mas tree is up, lights are hanged…

Gingerbreadman cookies are baked for co-operate orders. They will be flew to Jakarta & Singapore.

As the tradition, each year I will have Gingerbread House making Class! Are you keen to join? If yes, contact me directly at 012-2841103 to book.

Limited seats!

Date : 22nd December, 2012. Time : 1pm-4pm. Venue : My cozy kitchen in Kota Damansara. Fee : RM200

Wedding Bliss

Make the perfect wedding cake or tall tiered wedding cakes courses with Angeline Stanley.


for details.

Wedding Cakes to be spoiled with..
The most important day in your life has inspired me to design cake that will put a smile on your face and surely will add extra sweetness and joy to your celebration. Every single cake is designed and perfected by Heavenly Cake Creations to suit every couple’s personality and style.

Drop me a line at now to enquire more…


Full moon celebration

There are many ideas of celebrating this big day.

You can announce this big day with lil’ cute cupcakes give-away. Hope you like it!






Have A Naughty Weekend with me On a Hot Babe Body Sculpturing Class!

Has been commission to sculpt this hot babe for a birthday girl!

Now I am sharing with you all by teaching you how to make one for yourself!

Don’t miss out this special class at only RM500.

Time : 10am-4pm

Venue : Section 9, Kota Damansara.

Contact : Angeline 012-284 1103

NOTE: There will be another Man body sculpturing class RM500 in April! Sign up both and save RM100. Pay only RM900!

Limited seats!



Animal Birthday Cake Design

This cake is specially made for a 1 year old baby. Wait till the rest of the kids sees the colorful animals. What goes 1st usually are the animals rather than the cake! Agree with me? Call 012-284 1103 to find out more on how to hand mould these animals.



Wilton Basic Decorating at ICCA

Don’t hesitate to call Icca for more details about cake decorating courses!

basic decorating 3
basic decorating 2

Rainbow Cake For you – Promises of God

The Rainbow has been used as a sign of a new era and a symbol of peace, love, and freedom. Rainbow are beautiful too. A brightly colored rainbow cake is a good choice for birthdays, holidays or any time Each color of the Rainbow represents a characteristic or promise of God.

Rainbow Cake represents happiness. Extraordinary beautiful layers of rainbow colors.

I am so truly in love with this cake! Don’t you?


Animal Figurines For All Occasion

Animal Toppers for Cupcakes

Adorable little figurines for cupcakes & cakes as topper! You will sure put a smile on everyones.


Write  in for details on animal figurines class.

Traditional English Scones


There’s nothing more delicious, or quintessentially English, than a cream tea of scones, jam and cream.

Include here are 2 satisfying students and testers….


Passion Fruit Macarons


Irresistible Passion Fruit Jam were taught from scratch to be sandwiched between the Passion Fruit Macarons.

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