Erotic Cakes For Bachelorette Parties

Looking for best Erotic Cakes for Bachelorette Parties?

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Sewing Machine Cake for MaMa

Singer Sewing Machine Cake

Suki knows it best what to get for her mom's birthday! I am very sure her mother loves to sew and Singer is the sewing machine she use. Just my wild guess!
Sewing machine cake

Sewing machine cake

21st Birthday with Stitch

Stitch is in town! What about Lilo????stitch3

Kay Shen just turned 21st and he sure got a key to freedom. Not forgetting Stitch too!


Hap-Penis Cake

Indeed a naughty cake. 🙂 penis cake1






Here is Princess Elsa & Olaf standing tall. Hope you like it!


Louisa LuLu


Cheers everyone!

A girl

Penis Cake 5

    penis cake1  

Her  future husband is a doctor, an add on of stethoscope on the boxer.

penis cake2        

Erotic Cake 4 : Standing Penis

An customised  erected standing Penis were hand carved using fondant/sugar paste.

I hope "he" look realistic enough. 🙂

Have a good day!

p/s: All edible!


Chevrolet Camaro Car Cake

Chevrolet Camara Car Cake

1 32

Chanel Bag Cake with Cosmetic

Handbag cake
Handbag cake

Chanel Bag C


Exclusive Chanel Bag Cake tastefully crafted for Datin Shirley Law's birthday

chanel2   chanel3   chanel4
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