My Collection of RAINBOW CAKE


Colorful 7 layers of rainbow colors sponge cakes stacked in between. You will definitely put a small on the birthday boy/girl’s face!




  1. Q says:

    hi, can i get the pricing for this cake pls? 1/2kg and 1kg.

  2. khalid says:

    if i want order this rainbow cake, how much will it be? kg?

  3. sharifah says:

    Hi, do you take order for this, or u only have classes for this?

  4. Hee says:

    i love this RAINbow Cake…may to know the price..

    cHEErs (^0^)

  5. I have classes for rainbow cake and also take orders for it too. Contact me at for my info.

    Regards, Angeline

  6. fiza says:

    Hello. I would like to order this cake ? How much is it ?

  7. I hope you have received the quotes. Thank you

  8. Putri says:

    Hello dear!

    I’m interested to order this rainbow cake. How much is the price? What is the minimum weight (kg) per cake? Do you sell this particular cake at the shop? 🙂

  9. dharmini says:

    hi can i know the price please?

  10. Hi,

    If you are referring to rainbow cake, the cake is 6″ width wih 4″ high. Price is RM220/- This cake you shall need to order 1 week in advance. Thanks.

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