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Anyone can bake!


If you’ve seen “Ratatouille”, then this statement from Chef Auguste Gusteau will sound familiar. It is true that anyone can replicate a recipe from a baking book or magazine, but to me baking is much more than that. Each time I bake I embrace the challenge of creating something special and unique, a piece of art, a masterpiece!

Each cake made by Angeline needs to be something very special. And over the years it has been my pleasure and privilege to share in so many happy occasions with my clients. If you are planning a special celebration, a delicious and beautifully designed cake will make it one to remember!

DSCF8274For those who love to create in the kitchen, taking your interest to the next level requires going back to school!  I am a certified teacher of all courses using the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating and I enjoy helping my students acquire the skills to bake terrific cakes and artistically decorate them for practically any occasion!

DSCF8272Making great cakes requires lots of patience and practice, a sincere passion and love for cake decorating, and the drive to create that very special cake which perfectly suits the occasion and satisfies the taste buds! In developing my skills, I owe a great deal to my wonderful husband and supportive family. They have encouraged me along the way, and heartily appreciated my culinary creations!

I hope you will enjoy my website, as much to appreciate my portfolio of delicious cake art for all occasions, as to become inspired to learn how you can bake these masterpieces yourselves!


Angeline Stanley  (H/P : 012-284 1103)



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