Cookie decorating

” The aroma of freshly baked cookies greeted me as i stepped into Angeline’s home. It’s the 1st time I’ve attended a cookie making and decorating class! Four eager ladies chatted away and happily rolled, cut them into shapes, put them onto a tray and into the oven. When the cookies were baked, the REAL fun began for us! Out came the tool box (for decorating cakes…) and using fondant icing , Angeline showed us how to decorate the cookies. Armed with our imagination and with the help of crafting tools, we set about creating our masterpieces on freshly baked cookies! It was like playing with play-doh in art class….we had much fun! The end results were amazing… stars and moons, butterflies with multi-hued wings and gorgeous wedding dresses with detailed beads, pearl drops and laces! Good to look at, yummy to eat! These beautifully decorated cookies would make such wonderful gifts for friends and family for many, many occasions!

– Trish Lim, Kota Damansara

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